A few things every user should know

 Every software program has hidden tricks, keystrokes and features that can save you lots of time…. Here are a few of my favorite tricks:
  •  Search wildcard: Every wanted to see all the options in a search field? try typing in %% or **.
  • Getting somewhere fast: Most pages have fields that contain the name of other MarketingPilot entities. For example the Company name field on the Contact dashboard. Click on the field name – Company – and MarketingPilot will hyperlink you to the Company dashboard.
  • Want to clear all your filter settings with a single click? Click on the Clear button.
  • View My/View All: Depending upon security settings (User Roles), a user can see all items or just their own.
  • To view your items, click on the View My button on the upper-right hand corner of the grid and which looks like a person.
  • To view all the items, click on the View All button which looks like a group of 3 people.
  • The fastest way to go from a Task to a Job: Click on the Job name in the Task’s title. It’s a hyperlink to the Job.
  • Browsing for Files: the quickest way to browse for files? click on the sections of the folder path; each section is a hyperlink to the folder. For example, if the path is Files\MarketingPilot\Jobs\Job 1 – click on Jobs to go to the Jobs folder.

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