How to Add Custom User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

Need another field? MarketingPilot enables you to add “user-defined fields” (UDFs) on the fly. First, you will need to decide what field(s) to add. Then, determine the data type(s): Text, Number, Date, or Category (drop-down). In this example, we have decided that the “Advertisements” screen needs two additional fields: SNAZZY TEXT to enter free-form text and SNAZZY DATE.


  1. Expand SITE in the shortcut/navigation bar.
  2. Click LANGUAGES
  3. Click on the desired language, most likely ENGLISH. Every label in the system is displayed.
  4. Click the area where the fields are to be added, ADVERTISEMENTS in this case.
  5. In the search box, type the word USER and click GO. The available UDFs are displayed. Note that you may need to click “Next” to display additional fields.
  6. Adding a field is as simple as changing the “Site Label”. User 1 (Text) and User 12 (Date) have been relabeled SNAZZY TEXT and SNAZZY DATE respectively.

    Adding UDFs to the Advertisement Area

    Adding UDFs to the Advertisement Area

  7. Be sure to hit SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Check out the fields.

    Two UDFs added to the Details section of Advertisements

    Two UDFs added to the Details section of Advertisements

Good to Know:

  1. Odd-numbered UDFs appear in the left column, even in the right.
  2. UDFs appear in numerical order, so UDF 16 will appear after/below UDF 12.
  3. UDFs will appear in either the Details+ area or Details tab. If a screen has neither, then they will appear in the header.
  4. To remove a UDF, repeat steps 1-5 above, except rather than typing “user” type the field label to remove. Change the label back to its original label (i.e. make the “Site Label” match the “Default Label”).
  5. Category UDFs have an additional step. Be sure to add values to the category like you would with any other Category type field. Go to Site, Categories and search for the field by the UDF name.
  6. The Jobs area has expanded UDF functionality enabling you to categorize fields into groups, modify the order, and indicate if a field is required. Check out the online help for details.


  • UDFs are available in the Enterprise edition.
  • You must be an Administrator to add UDFs.

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