R9 Job Requests vs. Project Requests

MarketingPilot launched a new functionality, Job Requests, in release 9. How does this differ from the existing Project Requests function?


Job Requests are designed for Users who want to enable Users and Non-users to be able to submit Requests that automatically create Jobs in a single step process. It provides an alternative to MarketingPilot’s existing Project Request function for users who want to skip an intermediate Request Approval and Job initiation function.

Project Requests are designed for users who want Requests to be placed in a queue where they can be reviewed or assigned for review prior to users creating a Task, Job, Campaign, Event or Program. This two-step approach provides an additional set of metrics to track Requests and the performance of the team processing them.

Pros and Cons of Each

Job Requests

  • PROS
  1. The request automatically creates a job.
  2. Both users and non-users can submit a Job Request.
  3. Streamlines processes by automatically creating a Job in MarketingPilot upon submission.
  4. Users can greatly customize each Job Request Form with eight types of questions, including as short and long text , number, date, single-select and multiple-select, currency, and file upload fields.
  • CONS
  1. The Request is not stored.

Project Requests

  • PROS
  1. The Request is stored.
  2. There is the availability to include a back and forth process between the Requester and the Traffic Manager prior to creating a Job.
  • CONS
  1. Only users can submit a Project Request.
  2. The form is less customizable, including only text fields and file uploads.

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