Job Requests – What’s New in Release 10

If you are using MarketingPilot to track production (Jobs) and if you are not already utilizing Job Requests, you may want to consider them. First available in Release 9, Job Requests enable users (Regular Users, Web Portal Users, and ‘Public’ Users) to fill out an online form. When the form is submitted, MarketingPilot creates a Job automatically and launches work flow.

With MarketingPilot’s early September 2010 availability of Release 10 comes expanded Job Request features. These features enhance productivity by reducing the amount of data that must be manually completed in a Job. Do not hesitate to contact your MarketingPilot Account Representative for additional information and training.

Job Request Responses Automatically Update Job User-Defined Fields

All Job User Defined fields (UDFs) are now available for use with Job Requests. Responses that are submitted with the Job Request will populate the appropriate fields in MarketingPilot. Responses will still continue to populate the Job’s Specifications field for easy reference. Tip: four “multi-select” category (drop down) UDFs have been added to Jobs.

Several New Requirement (Field) Types

Release 10 offers several new field (Requirement) types to choose from when setting up your Job Request Templates:

  • “Contact” requirements. These allow the Job Requestor to select a Contact from your MarketingPilot database. When the Form is submitted, the contact will be added to the Job’s Team tab with the Role specified in the template.
  • “Job title” requirement. When a Job Requestor completes this type of field, the resulting Job created will include this field’s contents as the Job Title. Previously the Job Request Template Name was the only option for Job Title.
  • “Product” requirements. Job Requestor’s are able to select a Product. In addition, a default Product can be select to appear in the Template. This Product has the option of being read-only. When the Form is submitted the Product(s) is/are added to the Product tab of the Job created.
  • “Need by Date” requirement. This functionality works with the Estimated Duration field in the Template and will warn the Job Requestor if the date they need the work completed by occurs before the estimated completion date for the project.

Ability to Look up a Job to Pre-populate the Form Fields

A “Use as Job Template” Requirement can now be added to a Job Request. This feature enables a Job Requestor to “look up” a Job in MarketingPilot by either Job Code or Job Title. When an existing Job is selected and applied, the data from the Job will populate the appropriate fields on the Job Request Form, including UDFs. This is helpful when regularly submitting the same type of Request or when submitting several Requests that may vary by a few fields.

Custom Confirmation Email

Each Job Request Template can now have its own customizable rich-text confirmation email with a custom subject line.

Job Request Template Category Graphics

Previously each Job Request Template could be associated with a text categorization (For example, Web and Email Blast Requests, Print Project Requests, etc.). Each category can now also be associated with a Graphic, creating a richer, more custom experience. When the Graphic is clicked on the Menu, the appropriate Job Request Templates are displayed.

Automatic Job File Folder Creation

A Folder and Sub folder can now be specified to be created with the Job’s Files tab, and links to the Folders will be included in the Job Requestor’s confirmation email. Default security for Regular and Web Portal Users can be specified.


  • These features are available with MarketingPilot, Releases 10 and higher.
  • User Defined Fields area available with the Enterprise edition.

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