Release 11: Coming Soon – New Email Marketing and Requests for Quotes

MarketingPilot’s next major release is just around the corner and brings two exciting new functionalities: Email Marketing and Requests for Quotes (RFQs). This post describes the functionality at a high level. Upcoming posts will focus on the specifics. Customer education webinars on these topics will be announced shortly.

Email Marketing: An Overview

MarketingPilot’s Email Marketing functionality has been greatly expanded to fully integrate with many areas of the system such as Campaigns, Workflow, Lists, Leads, and Landing Pages. MP’s add-on Email Marketing service enables you to compose, edit, test, route for approval prior to sending, and finally send email marketing messages while managing your email subscribers and recipient lists. A full array of performance analytics is also included.

Requests for Quotes (RFQs): An Overview

MarketingPilot’s new Request for Quotes functionality streamlines the existing Vendor Quote process by enabling your users to fully manage the RFQ process from a single page. Create the request indicating various line items to be quoted, add an unlimited number of vendors, and then send the request to the vendors for review. Using the web portal, vendors respond to the request, attach supporting files if desired, and “Tender/Finalize” the RFQ response. Easily compare all vendor responses side-by-side, and “Award” the project with a single-click. Finally, create a Purchase Order or directly Expense the awarded project.

Good to Know

Requests for Quotes (RFQs) is available is MarketingPilot Enterprise Edition Version 11 and higher. The Professional and Standard editions continue to contain the Vendor Quotes module.


Please contact your account representative with any questions or to schedule a demo.


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