How To Setup Alerts

Please note the contacts must have an email address in order to be setup for alerts.  Alerts should only be setup for contacts that are also MarketingPilot Users since the alerts direct the user to login to the application.  A contact that does not have a User ID and gets an alert will not be able to login to the application to review what the alert is for.

To setup alerts for a MarketingPilot user:

Navigate to and click on the contact record for the User ID and click on the Alerts tab for that contact.

The Alerts tab view shows a section on the left side for areas of the application that alert rules exist for.  Click on the area you want to setup the alert for.  In the example below we are setting up job alerts for this user.  The alerts associated to jobs are displayed in the right hand side.  Select the alerts you want the user to be setup for and click Save. 

Please note – you must click save prior to navigating to any other areas within the alert directory tree in order to save the alert rule(s) selected for the area you are in.  If you do not click save before navigating to other areas, the alert rule(s) selected will not be saved. Once you click save the contact is now setup to receive alerts.  Alerts can be disabled, removed, or added at anytime. 

If users have more than one email address defined on their contact record, they can be setup to receive alerts to each email address. 

To receive alerts for jobs, campaigns, programs, and events, the user must be on the team tab of the corresponding entity.  If they are not on the team tab for the specific job, campaign, program, or event, they will not receive alerts for those entities. 

Alert rules contain a built in uniqueness check which prevents users from being notified of alerts for a direct action they performed. 

For example:

Contact A is assigned a task and has the Task Status Change alert rule defined.  Contact A completes the task changing the status from In Process to Completed.  They will not receive an alert notifying them that the status of the task was changed. 

Contact A creates a job and has the New Job alert rule.  They are by default on the team of the job because they are the created by contact, however, since they created the job they will not be notified of a new job.

Contact A has the New Task alert and assigns itself a new task, no alert will be sent in this situation.

For more information on alerts please visit the Alerts section in the MarketingPilot online help.


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