Here’s how to get more in MP with Silverlight 5 Trusted Mode

Beginning in MarketingPilot Release 13.0, using MP with Silverlight 5 in “Trusted Mode” enables you to extend system functionality in the following two ways*:

  1. You can edit Markup comments in full-screen mode.
  2. Save time when exporting to Excel Files data and Journal Entries…they will open directly in Excel bypassing the need to first save.

To get more in MP, take a few minutes to follow these two steps: (Step 1) install (or upgrade to) Silverlight 5. (Step 2) Install MarketingPilot in Trusted Mode.

Step 1: Install (or Upgrade to Silverlight 5) —> Skip to Step 2 if Silverlight 5 is installed.

1. Log in to MP and click About.

2. Click Upgrade to Silverlight 5 next to Silverlight Setup.

3. Click Save File.

4. Locate and open the saved file (if necessary), and click Run.
5. Click Install now. Silverlight 5 will install.
6. Silverlight 5 installation is complete when the “Installation successful” prompt appears.  Click Close.

7. Completely close all windows of your Internet browser.

Step 2: Install MarketingPilot in Trusted Mode

1. Log in to MP and click About.

2. Right-click to install Trusted Mode next to Silverlight Setup.

3. Click Install MarketingPilot Trusted Mode onto this computer…

4. Click Install.

5. Click Install.

6. Click Yes to continue.

7. Click OK in the Registry Editor diaglog box.

8. Click Refresh in MarketingPilot. The Silverlight Setup field now shows Trusted Mode Active.

That’s it!

Good to Know

  • Using Silverlight as a trusted app for MP is available beginning with Release 13.0.
  • Microsoft Silverlight is required for multi-file uploads, advanced digital asset management functions, and markup function.
  • *Note that these are the only two ways that MarketingPilot uses the granted “Trusted Mode” permissions.
  • To remove the application after installation, return to the About page and right-click on “Right-click to Install Trusted Mode.” Click Remove this application.

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