Moving a File from One Folder to Another Folder

A File can be moved from one folder to another folder. A file can also be stored (made available) in multiple folders. This feature is handy when you wish to frequently view or reference several files often. For example, perhaps you send a standard email and frequently attach several files, but each file is stored in a different folder or location. Creating a new folder and adding the existing files to that new folder means that you can find your favorite files faster.

In this example, we will move the “MarketingPilot_at_a_Glance.pdf” file from the main Job folder of the “File Training Job” to the “Artwork” folder that is located withing the “File Training Job.”

Original File Location

A file located within the Files tab of a Job. You would like to move the file to the Artwork folder.

Step 1: Decide where you want to move the file to.

We are moving this file to a folder named “Creative” that is located within a Job named “File Training Job.” There are many ways to search for this folder: by folder name, by job name, by a keyword in the job’s description, by folder ID, etc. We will search by Folder ID, so in this case 100135.

Step 2: Open the File. If necessary, click the file’s thumbnail (or name of the file). The file’s view page opens.

Step 3: If necessary, click the File’s Folders tab to display the Folders tab. Then, click the Add icon (blue plus).

Folders tab of the file

File's Folders tab is displayed. Click the Add icon.

A search box pops up.

Step 4: Enter the search criteria (in this case the Folder ID of 100135), click Go. The search results display. Check the box to the left of the desired folders to add the file to. Click Add. If you are finished, click Close.

Enter search criteria.

Enter search criteria, and click OK. Check the box of the appropriate folder and click Add.

The file is now located in its original folder as well as all folders selected.

The file is added to the selected Folder(s).

The file is added to the selected Folder(s). Delete Folders as desired.

Optional Step 5: To remove the file from its original folder, within the Folders tab of the file, check the box to the left of the original location and then click Delete (red x).


Mark up Web Pages and Video with MarketingPilot

MarketingPilot’s Release 10.1 brings Web Page and Video markup capabilities. Keep your eye on this space. More exciting changes are coming.

Web Page Markup

Web page markup leverages the existing Approval/Review capabilities. Rather than attaching a file to an Approval, click the new “Web Page” icon that appears in the upper right of the Approval screen, and then type in the full URL. MarketingPilot creates a thumbnail of the page. To include additional web pages, repeat the process. You’re ready to route the web pages for approval.


Web page icon on Approval Page



Two thumbnailed web pages


When the Reviewer click the Markup icon, the web page opens full size and the full reviewing toolbar is available to markup the page. There is also an option to toggle between the actual live web page and the markup page.

Video Markup

MarketingPilot enables users to mark up audio and video files by attaching comments to the files at specific points during their playback. Simply attach a video file as you would any other file and route for approval.

Good to Know

  • Web page and Video mark up are available in MarketingPilot releases 10.1 and higher.