MarketingPilot Release 14.2

We’re pleased to announce the availability of MarketingPilot Release 14.2. Release 14.2 is an important milestone for us as it is our first release since MarketingPilot became part of the Microsoft family. Release 14.2 demonstrates Microsoft Dynamics commitment to the continuity of MarketingPilot’s product roadmap and our continued passion around innovating in the marketing space.  Release 14.2 includes several customer-driven features and platform enhancements.  In addition, we have added new Media Buying functionality to support the integration of Nielsen and Arbitron ratings data planned for early 2013.  I am more convinced than ever that the acquisition of MarketingPilot by Microsoft will have many benefits to our customers as we collaborate on joint development, leverage Microsoft’s broad technology portfolio, as well as their global reach and software development expertise in the months and years to come.

To read more about the release, please click here.


Post on Facebook and Twitter with MarketingPilot: Social Media Series #1

Watch MarketingPilot’s expansion in the social media arena. Our initial phase of this exciting new capability designed to help you integrate your social media campaigns with the rest of your marketing activities, achieving streamlined processes, tracked performance metrics, and an increased return on investment.

  • Quickly create Facebook and Twitter messages, with the option to embed a 3rd party tracking URL and/or attach a file
  • Route your messages for approval if desired
  • Post messages immediately or schedule them for future delivery
  • View your message history

Please contact your MarketingPilot trainer for specific instructions and for more detail.

General Process:

  1. Turn on the “Social Media” user role
  2. For each Social Site (Facebook page, Twitter account) create a Media Outlet, indicating that the “Type” is “Social.”
  3. Activate the Media Outlet.
  4. Create and send Social Media Messages from the “Social Media” section in the navigation bar.

Good to Know:

  • Expanded functions will be available in future releases.
  • Social media functions are available in the Enterprise and Professional editions of MarketingPilot Release 13.2 and higher, Social Media Option.
  • Your site must have at least one Media Buyer license to create social media outlets.